Wednesday, May 26


People will make the least mistakes when they make decision on what to buy with their own money for themselves.
And they will make more mistakes when they decide on buying thing for others with their own money.
But people make the most mistakes when they decide on what to buy on other people using other people's money...

A spontaneous quote from Stephen Hickson in a lecture two or three days ago. An interesting senteces though.

Think about it. Isn't it true?

Situation 1: We wanted to buy something, we know what we want and will do the best to get it. So? Less mistakes will be made during the process.

Situation 2: Receiving presents during birthday. C'mon, tell me how many time when you get something as a gift its is totally a thing that we longed for? Never?

Situation 3: We are holding someone else's money. He/she asked us to buy something for another people. What the heck then we should know what the other person wants? therefore, we always ended up with something totally different from what they wanted.

So? Whats the matter with that? Hehehe...

In situation 3, it often reflects government. Isn't it? Let's take a glimpse at it. We paid taxes. Government will then use the money to for our benefit(at least thats what they claimed...) So, as government are making decision to spend someone else's money for some other people, they often ended up with a wrong decision? Don't you think so?

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