Thursday, April 5

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Sunday, May 10

Auckland - Sails and the city

I am currently safe and sound; home away from home, in Auckland, New Zealand. In rekindling the memory of yesteryears, this is as good as any.

Here is my story...

On a mission to save our beloved earth, I have come to rescue my wife first and foremost; before the attack of the Klulu... an alien being alienated from our world long long time ago. He has now come back, very eager to complete a mission of revenge onto the whole world.

Equipped with the latest technology of GPS and satellite navigator in hand, his army is well trained and very blessed with the well built body; as a result of a great combination of genes from Usain Bolt, for his speed, Arnold Swazernagger for his strength and Barack Obama for his leadership and smartness.

Now back to the Hero of the day, yours truly, now that he has saved his wife from the evil Klulu, he has to save the world. Like any other heroes, this one also has his greatness and powers...

- to be continued...

Back to reality now shall we?

Auckland is indeed the city of sails. There was a statistic (don't quote me on this) compiled stating that Aucklanders has the highest percentage of people owning a boat or a sail yatch.

At the very infamous and crowded Auckland Harbour, although not as famous as Pearl Harbour, due to no blockbuster movies ever being made from the name, there lies thousands of boats, ranging from small fishing boat, to luxury yatch with a 5-star accommodation that my cost as much as a private jet. At the back of any Jeeps of big SUVs like a Pajero you would see a tags like "my other car is a boat", or any thing in that nature. 

Myself? Although I do not suffer from motion sickness, I don't really prefer hobbies that involove swimming. Simply because I dont swim, I could do floating though. Hehe...

The truth is, I am here in Auckland to visit my newly wedded wife. She is completing her studies soon. Although I was not quite sure my presence really helps in speeding up that process. Hehe... Being here for her surely would be good enough. I hope.

Tuesday, April 28

Newspaper Test

We all believe in Allah and we all know by heart that He is watching our every steps, every moves. Knowing this, we would all be doing good deeds and commit no sins.

But this is far from reality, we are humans after all.

So in practicality, this is where the newspaper test come in handy. Laura Nash in her 12 practical questions on decisions with ethical implications asked this question,

       "Could you disclose without qualm your decision or action to your familly or society as a whole?"

I guess this is a good question to ask everytime we try to do something, or not doing something. 

Imagine these headlines in your local tabloids...

"Mr. P solat subuh gajah lagi, untuk 5 hari berturut-turut dalam seminggu"

"Mr. P curi tulang di tempat kerja, menghabiskan masa dengan Facebook dan berpura-pura buat kerja"

It would be quite embarassing if you are Mr. P. Wouldn't it?

Sunday, April 19


I'm married.
Starting off with a new chapter. InshaAllah it will be a great one.


In the past, whenever i was occupied with datelines or exams coming up, I tend to blog. I always knew that writing something or anything could calm my mind a bit. 

And guess what, I will sit for an exam not too distant in the future.

I guess I could write a little bit more to get more effect of calming myself down.

Thursday, October 16

Life is like a box of chocolate... will never know what you are going to get.

Or so they say.

But with Celcom Broadband, you will never know what you gonna get too, only that you have 4 options.

Green - slowest of all - GPRS
Blue - okay - 3G
Magenta - HSDPA

Or... even worse... no connection at all.

And here I am, praying that the magenta would last for quite a while.


Friday, October 3

Latest updates

  • Back in Malaysia for more than 8 months now.
  • Working long hours and not so stress-free in assurance line in a Big 4 accounting firm.
  • Currently celebrating and cherishing the enjoyment of Eid Mubarak in Singapore, after 4 years abroad.
  • Anxiously waiting and working hard towards "the day".
  • Status updated - "Ayah Ngah"

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone. Kullu aam wa antum bikhair.

Wednesday, November 28

Islamic Cars? (2)

I had previously blogged on Islamic cars; as was proposed by Tehran. I was at that time being a proponent of that idea.

And I still am, despite a contrasting idea by the Director General of IKIM about the proposal. He questioned the main intent of the proposal.

It is nice to have differing views on a particular matter. Its just get your brain going.

For me , he did put up a very strong point. Maybe just not persuasive enough to sway me. Thats all.

Saturday, November 24

MALAYSIA : Truth and Justice

We always said that "outsiders" do not know the reality in running our own country. We and we alone know the way. It might not be the right way, but it is our way. No questions should be asked.

But I believe that the act of listening never hurts anybody. I could not help but to agree in some way or the other with Mr Backman on this.

Truth and Justice are no longer Malaysian Way

Thursday, November 15

Exam Schedule

31 Oct 2007 - AFIS 501 -Accounting Theory and Application Aegrotat Approved
5 Nov 2007 - AFIS 514 - Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
9 Nov 2007 - AFIS 506 - Auditing
15 Nov 2007 - AFIS 503 - Management of Information Systems and Technology