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Christchurch, Babies and Postgraduates

Welcome to the new world, Syed Arif

Syed Arif
More cute pictures @ Sol's FP.

As far as I can remember there were quite a number of babies born in our Malay Community here in Christchurch.

First there's Abang Reza back in midst of winter 2004.

Then Abang Leman and Kak Farah with baby Khalif in the following summer.

Then there's Abang Afendi and Kak Zunika's little daughter.

Then Abang Rashidi (Lincoln). And then Umar, completing 3 heroes of Kak Dayang and Abang Hamdan.

Abang Khairuddin and Kak Ita not to be forgotten. I think they have a couple of babies here. If not mistaken.

Then there's Abang Zahari and Kak Azidah's baby boy. 3 heroes as well. Relatively recent.

These postgraduates families are really akin to your family here in Christchurch. For me, at least.

Abang Reza helped us a lot when we started flatting out, moving to the old-cozy Picton Ave mansion house. We got quite a few free stuff from him. Still remember him saying "aa, amik aa kerusi ni sedap lagi ni, empuk lagi" while trying to make himself comfy on the chair.

Abang Leman too. He practically gave everything before he left. Sofa set, drier, beds. But Kak Nik was the one who got his "BMW". Hehe.

Abang Fendi always kind enough to lend his red Chariot when needed.

Abang Rashidi with all the smiles and laughs.

Abang Hamdan and Kak Dayang. They helped me a lot. Personal advices. Wisdom and knowledge. Kak Dayang is a great cook. There's always a treat when we made a visit.

Abang Khairuddin. We had our first kenduri at her place. Really felt like home back then.

Abang Zahari and Kak Azidah. Always a great help. Abang Zahari with his favorite word "Haa, Ni.. kalau korang nak..." then followed with his spirited words of advice. And Kak Azidah with her Nasi Dagang during Aidilfitri.

Then there's Kak Ainy. We met her at the airport when we first arrived. She showed us the way around. How to take a bus, City tour, Countdown shopping.

Kak Nik. Berjiwa muda. Can be scary at times too. Always give good advice.

Abang Jali and Kak Ain. He recommended me for a job at the now closed Flambe. I worked for more than 2 years.

And not to forget Abang Suhaimi. He helped us a lot. Especially when it comes to car.

And for Kakok who delivered babies all days and nights here in Christchurch.

Abang Nazri, Uncle Ishak, Auntie Kiah, Kak G, Abang Rashid. We are all a family. Albeit a very big one.

Please do accept my deepest gratitude for everything that you have done and my sincerest apologies for everything that I have done.

Thank you all.

Credit: Sol, Bijan, Aida

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